Two Fun Painting Activities for Toddlers

Two Fun Painting Activities for Toddlers

Two Fun Painting Activities for Toddlers

At Northwest Child Development Center, they did two different painting activities which the toddlers greatly enjoyed! They helped develop fine motor skills and made some cool crafts.

Bear mask craft

The children used their scissors to cut-up the center of a paper plate. Then, they painted the plate brown and glued two brown construction paper ears onto it. The result was a mask that made it look like they had the head of a bear!

Painting with yarn

The other painting activity the toddlers did involved taking pieces of yarn, dipping them in paint, and then running the yarn along their canvas to create a beautiful painting! The children had a lovely time dipping their pieces of yarn in various colors of paint and then making neat pictures they could take home and proudly show to their parents!

Painting is fun

It is always so much fun when children get to express their creativity by using paint, these crafts prove that!

Source for photos: Northwest Chlld Development Center and at this link.

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Two Fun Painting Activities for Toddlers
December 14, 2020
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