Two Holiday Painting Activities

Two Holiday Painting Activities

Two Holiday Painting Activities

At The Arbors Kids at Chicopee, they did two fun painting activities themed for the holiday season! They painted their own Christmas wreaths out of paper plates and did some finger painting with holiday colors such as green. It was great fun!

Making and painting wreaths

The children loved taking paper plates, cutting out the center, and then painting them green so as to create little wreaths! It was a great activity to develop fine motor skills with careful cutting and painting. Plus, when the wreaths were done they could be taken home and used as a decoration!

Holiday finger painting

The little ones also had a lovely time using their holiday colors to make a finger paint art piece. It was a handy way to use up leftover paint from the wreath activity as well.

Source for photos: The Arbors Kids at Chicopee and at this link too.

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Two Holiday Painting Activities
December 22, 2020
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