Two, "Pet," Creating Crafts

Two, "Pet," Creating Crafts

Two, "Pet," Creating Crafts

At Monument Preschool, they did two fun crafts to create, "Pets." The kids made pet rocks and created guinea pigs out of construction paper. It was so much fun!

Pet rocks

The children made pet rocks by taking some stones provided by the teachers and then painting them. After they painted the rocks a snazzy color they then glued on some googly eyes. With that, their pet rocks were done!

Guinea pigs

The kiddos also made guinea pigs out of construction paper as a craft. They cut up large pieces of construction paper into the shape of guinea pigs (oval-ish with some feet) and then glued on construction paper pieces to serve as ears and spots. Lastly, the students glued on some googly eyes to complete their adorable guinea pigs. Both crafts were great fun and allowed everyone to make some adorable, "Pets."

Source for photos: Monument Preschool

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Two, "Pet," Creating Crafts
August 5, 2021
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