Two, "Thinking," Activities That Utilize Zoom

.Chloe Thompson
Two, "Thinking," Activities That Utilize Zoom

These two activities both require children to, "Put on their thinking caps," and use their thought process to accomplish. One is a version of the classic game, "I Spy," and the other is focused on, "Collaborative Storytelling."

I Spy Game

This activity works well with a group of people using Zoom who have a number of objects evident in their video. One person says how, "I Spy something (Blank, on someone's video." Then everyone else needs to figure out what the main person sees. For example, "I spy a yellow fruit," would be a good thing to say if someone else's video has a banana that can be seen upon their desk.

Two, "Thinking," Activities That Utilize Zoom
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Collaborative Storytelling

To do this activity you begin by saying a sentence to start a story. Then another person says a sentence, followed by the next until it loops back to you and you choose to continue the tale or end it. Should someone have trouble you can always offer suggestions too.

Here is an example of how this activity can be done:

  • You: "A pig woke up one morning."
  • Child 1: "He noticed he didn't have any slop to eat for breakfast."
  • Child 2: "So he went to the grocery store to buy food."
  • Child 3: "At the store, he saw a wolf
  • And so forth.

Two, "Thinking," Activities That Utilize Zoom
April 2, 2020
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