Carrot Match-Up: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Felecia Jones
Carrot Match-Up: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Carrot Match-Up: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

This is a sensory matching activity with upper and lowercase letters. You open the carrot and match the wooden cube letter to the carrot laminated paper. It has black beans and play dirt in sensory bin and inside the carrots are wooden cubes with letters wrote on them. The wooden cubes are from hobby lobby, carrots from the dollar tree. This activity works on letter recognition, eye hand coordination, fine motor skill. Age of preschoolers 3 and 4.


FREE Printable Carrot Template

We've got a printable template of carrots for your activities. Each sheet has 10 carrots, so if you're planning on writing the alphabet on them, you'll need to print out a few pages.

You can write either uppercase or lowercase letters of the alphabet on the carrots. You can also write numbers or even draw geometric shapes on them. We know that the imagination of preschool teachers is endless!

The template is in black and white, so you can print it out on white paper and color it in, or you can print it on orange paper and attach green leaves to them.

Have fun with the carrot printable template!

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Carrot Match-Up: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
April 11, 2023
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