Utensil Patterns

Utensil Patterns

Utensil Patterns

Increase pattern awareness with simple everyday items! Provide several plastic spoons or forks in assorted colors and encourage your child to sort them or create patterns. The possibilities are endless! In this activity the child was given the utensils to explore without any instructions. Allow your child to build, match, sort or count the spoons before introducing the activity. Next, introduce the concept of patterns to your child by placing color utensil and then the a different color next to it. You can test your child's awareness of patterns by asking your child to identify the colors and to guess what color should be placed next. The object is to help your child notice the different colors and to begin to extend the pattern through visual recognition. Once your child has mastered the skill using two colors, you can increase the pattern to three colors.

Have fun!

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Utensil Patterns
February 17, 2022
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