Valentine Heart Marble Painting

Valentine Heart Marble Painting

Valentine Heart Marble Painting

At Hobson Preschool, they celebrated the recent Valentine's Day by making Valentine's hearts in a clever manner! They put pieces of paper shaped like hearts in a tub filled with paint, then shook marbles in the tub around to do some marble painting. It was a great activity to work on developing gross motor skills.

Materials needed for this craft

To do this craft you will need the following:

*White construction paper

*A tub you can seal-up (some large Tupperware works well)


*Pink and/or red paint (acrylic or tempera works well)


How to do this craft

To make your Valentine's heart follow these steps:

1. Take your white construction paper and use your scissors to cut a heart-shape.

2. Put your heart in the tub.

3. Squirt some paint into the tub.

4. Add your marbles to the tub.

5. Seal up the tub and then shake it and move it around so the marbles roll all about inside.

6. Open the tub up and take your painted heart out.

7. Wait for the paint to dry and show everyone your heart!

Source for photos: Hobson Preschool

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Valentine Heart Marble Painting
February 18, 2021
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