Valentine's Sensory Bag

Katie B
Valentine's Sensory Bag

Disclaimer - I did not create this idea. I saw it somewhere randomly on Instagram, however, unfortunately I do not have the person's name to give credit.

This Valentine's sensory bag is super easy to make with relatively few materials!

Materials you need:

Large ziploc bag

Hair gel

Various color mini pom poms

Various color permanent markers


(Optional to use rubbing alcohol to wipe white ziploc label off bag)

1. Draw a heart on bag for each color pom pom you will be using

2. Fill bag with some hair gel

3. Put in pom poms

-You may have to experiment with amount of hair gel needed - enough to move around yet not too much.

(Also optional is double bagging this to prevent from leakage or bag tearing. I later added duct table along the top.)

Purpose of activity is for student to push the pom pom into the correct color heart. Have fun!

Valentine's Sensory Bag
Valentine's Sensory Bag
February 15, 2021
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