Very hungry cartepillar

Very hungry cartepillar

In my class I hace worked the book: the very hungry cartepillar and my children made a big cartepillar in which they put the story. In this activity they have to draw what the cartepillar eat each day and also they have to write the number.

On monday the cartepillar eat 1 Red Apple

On tuesday the cartepillar eat 2 green pears

On Wednesday the cartepillar eat 3 purple plums

On thursday the cartepillar eat 4 Pink strawberries

On friday the cartepillar eat 5 Oranges

On saturday the cartepillar eat one piece of chocolate cake, one pickle, one piece of cherry pie.

On sunday the cartepillar eat a green big leaf

Then he was fat and big. He nibbled a cocoon around himself and later he was a beautiful butterfly.

He had to put leaves in the cocoon using glue and to make the head they had to use crayons. Then they could build their minibook.

Very hungry cartepillar
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Very hungry cartepillar
January 12, 2021
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