Veterans Day at the Primary School

Veterans Day at the Primary School

New Albany Primary School did a number of Veteran’s Day-related crafts to get ready to welcome and honor all the Veterans coming to their school for the holiday. They wanted to make sure the Veterans knew that they were appreciated for their service. Here are some of the crafts everyone made!

“We are ready to welcome our veterans tomorrow. Let’s celebrate at the Primary School.”
New Albany Primary @napls_ps

Patriotic Craft-Paper Flags

Some of the students made pretend flags out of craft-paper. These flags were full of the colors red, white, and blue so as to illustrate how the children were proud of America’s colors on its own flag!

Patriotic Craft-Paper Flags

Fields of Freedom Craft

One class made pictures of beautiful fields with red flowers by a blue sky that symbolized freedom and peace–the kind of peace our Veterans work hard to make sure we have!

Fields of Freedom

Patriotic Stars Craft

This craft used America’s colors as well (red, white, and blue) plus lots of stars to make a wonderful patriotic craft.

Patriotic Stars Craft

“Thank You,” Craft

Lastly, this craft is a big heart surrounded by flowers and with the signatures of the students on it to show how much they appreciate our Veterans and want to say, “Thank you,” to them.

"Thank You," Craft

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