Veterinarian worksheets

Veterinarian worksheets

Veterinarian worksheets

These worksheets are all themed for the doctors who help our pets--veterinarians! Children will have great fun doing these worksheets and helping the vets take care of animals.

Veterinarian worksheet

Text on the picture: First letters. Find and connect pictures with letters by the first letters. Color the words

For this worksheet, children need to connect each key letter to the word veterinarian and then color-in the word itself!

Cats at the vet worksheet

Text on the picture: Write the numbers in a circle goes with what hurts on the different cats: head, ear, forehead, front paw, hind paw, neck, belly, tail

These cats are at the vet because they have injuries! Kids need to write the corresponding number with the cat for what hurts of the body parts.

Animal doctor worksheet

Text on the picture: Drow a cross for pets who would be treated by a veterinarian and leave those who would not be treated blank.

This worksheet has pets who would see a vet, along with people and robots! Kids only draw a cross on the animals who would see a vet.

10 differences

There are 10 differences between these two images. Kids need to find and mark them all.

How to download pictures

You can get printable pictures for free by posting your activity photos. Read more about the conditions here.

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Veterinarian worksheets
September 10, 2020
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