"W is for Watermelon," Activities

"W is for Watermelon," Activities

"W is for Watermelon," Activities

At Arwo Learning Center they learned about how, "W is for watermelon." They did a variety of watermelon-themed activities and enjoyed eating watermelon too!

Watermelon creation activity

All the students had fun taking a paper plate and painting it with green and red to make it look like a watermelon.

Watermelon dissection

The kids used plastic utensils and water droppers to cut watermelons up and examine their, "Flesh," and seeds along with water droppers to see what happened if they added more liquid to a watermelon.

Watermelon eating

Every student who wanted to take a bite of some watermelon loved eating it!

Source for photos: Arwo Learning Center

"W is for Watermelon," Activities
July 18, 2020
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