Water Balloon Pinata Activity

Water Balloon Pinata Activity

Water Balloon Pinata Activity

At ABC Preschool they did a fun water balloon pinata activity! They enjoyed smashing the water balloons open and getting wet!

Materials needed for the water balloon activity

You will need the following for this activity:

  • Water balloons
  • Water
  • String
  • Something to hang the string from
  • A bat to knock the water balloons with

How to do the water balloon activity

To do this water balloon activity follow these steps:

  1. Fill your water balloon with water and tie it up.
  2. Attach the string to your water balloon and attach the other end to the spot where you are hanging your water balloon pinata.
  3. Use your bat to hit the water balloon pinata until it bursts and water splashes everywhere!
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with more water balloons for everyone until each person has popped a water balloon pinata!

Source for photos: ABC Preschool

Water Balloon Pinata Activity
July 23, 2020
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