Watercolor Cotton Cloud Painting

.Evelyn Harris
Watercolor Cotton Cloud Painting

Watercolor Cotton Cloud PaintingAt Down to Earth Preschool they did a fun activity where they used watercolor paints to turn a wad of cotton into a colorful cloud! If you do the activity in the Winter you can call it snow and in the Summer calling it a cloud makes sense--it is a great activity year-round!

Materials Needed for Watercolor Cotton Cloud Painting

To do this activity You Will Need:

  • A chunk of cotton
  • A plastic tub or plate to hold the cotton/put the cotton on
  • A watercolor painting kit
  • A small container of water

How to Do Watercolor Cotton Cloud Painting

To do the watercolor cotton cloud painting follow these steps:

  1. Put your chunk of cotton in a plastic tub or on a plate.
  2. Get your watercolor painting kit and make your brush wet.
  3. Use the watercolor painting kit to gently paint the cotton cloud and make it colorful.
  4. Once the cotton is full of color you can wait for the paint to dry and admire your creation!
Source for Photos: Down to Earth Preschool

Watercolor Cotton Cloud Painting
June 17, 2020
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