Waterless Christmas Snowglobes

Waterless Christmas Snowglobes

Waterless Christmas Snowglobes

At Keyonas Kiddiecare Daycare, they made Christmas-themed waterless snowglobes! These DIY snowglobes were very cute and as they were made of plastic instead of glass (and had no water) they were a lot less of a hazard for the little ones to play with than a real snow globe (which can shatter and spill water everywhere in addition to glass pieces). You can easily make your own waterless Christmas snowglobes as well!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own waterless Christmas snowglobes you need just the following:

*A plastic jar (this is your snowglobe)

*Toy or figurine to put in your snowglobe as a decoration


*Fake snow (little pieces of plastic)

How to make your waterless Christmas snowglobe

Follow these steps to make your craft:

1. Open your plastic jar.

2. Put glue on the bottom of your toy/figurine.

3. Stick your toy/figurine in the middle of the jar.

4. Wait for the glue to dry and the toy/figurine to stick.

5. Pour in your fake snow.

6. Seal-up your plastic jar.

7. You now have a waterless Christmas snowglobe you can shake-up and enjoy!

Source for photos: Keyonas Kiddiecare Daycare

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Waterless Christmas Snowglobes
December 25, 2020
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