Wax Leaves Activity

Wax Leaves Activity

Wax Leaves Activity

At Blossom Heights Child Development Center, they did a fun activity where leaves were dipped into paraffin wax and then hung in the window for all to admire. It was great fun!

How this activity was done

To do this activity, first children had to answer how old they were. Once they said how many years made up their age, they took that many leaves (so if they were four, they took four leaves). After grabbing the leaves, they dipped them in the paraffin wax. Upon the wax cooling, they strung all their leaves together. The leaves looked really neat after they were dipped in wax, as you can see here:

It was a great day dipping the leaves in the paraffin wax! The age-counting aspect was a great way for math to be incorporated into the activity as well.

Source for photos: Blossom Heights Child Development Center

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Wax Leaves Activity
December 20, 2021
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