Weather Chart and Alphabets

Lyle Areanne Paguio
Weather Chart and Alphabets

Weather Chart and Alphabets

I use green cartolina for the base and washi tape for the border to make this weather chart appealing and cool to the eyes. Then I print the words "yesterday was", "today is" and "tomorrow will be" plus the months, dates, years and days of the week. I also add the weathers by sticking velcro to the chart. To make it durable, I wrap it in plastic cover and stick it to the chalkboard.

For the individual alphabet charts, I designed it using Microsoft word. I make the letters in tracing font so the child can recognize how the letters shoud be written. I also add pictures, making sure that one of them was a cartoon character recognizable by the children.

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Weather Chart and Alphabets
May 17, 2023
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