weather in Vietnamese language

weather in Vietnamese language

weather in Vietnamese language

we are in Vietnamese class. This is my little student, Julie, 4 year old girl. We are learning about weather and make an artwork. And this is her production. the sun and cloud and some raindrops.

We need:

- 1 white paper

- 1 yellow paper

- 1 blue paper

- scissor, glue, pencil and colorful pencils.

First, drawing a sun on the yellow paper like a circle. Then, draw eyes and mouth and cut some pieces yellow paper. glue it down behind the yellow circle.

secondly, drawing a cloud on white paper then cut it. draw eyes and mouth if you want .

Next steps, we need to cut blue paper into long pieces rectangle( 5-7 up to you) then stick them behind the clouds.

Last steps, reuse the white paper we draw some raindrops then cut and stick them on the long blue pieces.

My little girl is really love this, as you can see in the picture she is not good at cutting but she was trying. I hope that your students will love this activity.

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weather in Vietnamese language
March 28, 2022
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