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Weather Theme Counting Activity

Ashleigh Gosnell
Weather Theme Counting Activity

Weather Theme Counting Activity

Here is an activity that I just put together for our Weather Unit for the month of March:

Rain drops and cloud counting activity:

-Take contact paper and tape to the window or wall using painter's tape (make sure sticky side is facing out towards you).

-Draw clouds and raindrops on the contact paper. Number your clouds 1-5, etc. and draw that amount of rain drops below each cloud.

-Use white foam paper and cut out clouds (number them also)

-Use a variety of colored foam paper for the rain drop cutouts.

-Have the kids match the clouds to the correct numbered cloud and the rain drops to the correct amount that have been drawn out below the clouds.

I haven't had any kids utilize this activity just yet, as I just put it together fully today, but I anticipate it will be fun and engaging for them especially since it is a "sticky" activity.!

Below is provided photo of the activity set up and ready to be used

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Weather Theme Counting Activity
March 2, 2023
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