Weather-Themed Math Activity with Rain Clouds

At PALS Play & Learn School in Hillsborough, New Jersey they have been sending assignments to students unable to attend due to current World events.

With this in mind they did a fun rainy day project that incorporated the weather as well as the number 7 as the class had been discussing that numeral. The activity was done by having students have the cloud with the number 7 and two clouds beneath it that equalled that number when added together (3 and 4, 1 and 6, and so forth). You can do this activity too and have the main number be 7 or whatever you would like!

Materials Needed for the Weather-Themed Math Activity with Rain Clouds

To do this activity you will need:

  • Paper for the tracing and cutting out of clouds
  • Paper for mounting the clouds
  • Pieces of paper to trace the clouds–one larger and one smaller
  • Paint/Crayon/Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Do the Weather-Themed Math Activity with Rain Clouds

To do this activity you will do the following:

Trace a large cloud with the tracer and pairs of smaller clouids

Cut out all of the clouds

Glue the larger cloud to the top of the mounting paper

Write a number of your choosing on the large cloud with your paint/crayon/marker

Glue pairs of smaller clouds under the larger cloud

Write pairs of numbers that equal the top cloud’s number on each cloud pair with your paint/crayon/marker

The activity is done!


Use fingertips in paint to make “sets” of rain drops under each cloud, counting every time. Or draw drops with marker or crayon.


PALS Play & Learn School
Hillsborough, NJ, United States

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