Weaving Loom Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

Providing the opportunity for children to explore weaving is such a beneficial activity. Here’s how to encourage weaving in your home or classroom with a large weaving loom!

This material is called the wooden weaving loom. This is an amazing material that is found in the Practical Life area of a classroom Montessori Academy of South Tampa, Florida.

Weaving is a beautiful activity for any age

This material allows the child to learn about an activity that started in ancient civilizations. The art of weaving helped mankind meet their basic needs, such as clothing. People began weaving using plants (in the art of making baskets), then continued with linen clothes, and tapestries with patterns.

This material helps the child understand the concept of making clothes, as well as the change from using simple tools to the modern technology that is used now.

Through the timeline of this art, children learned about its history and the role that it played in different cultures and places.

This material also aims to refine the development of concentration, fine motor skills, coordination, pattern building, and more!

Excellent job!!

Photos: Montessori Academy of South Tampa, Florida.

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