What do we use in our school?

Mitsue Yamano
What do we use in our school?

This activity is to recognize our school things and colors.

It's important to know the words of our school things and you can use de verb of each one. For example (Write with a pencil, cut with scissors, etc). Also, you can use the colors, say to your students "find and color the scissors blue" and they are going to look for the scissors and recognize the color blue.

After do it this class it's important to call all these things in English in class, don't use the names in other language because they have to know that in you English class they have to use that language.

Remember that in this theme you can introduce other words and things that you fin in your school for example window, chair, board, teacher, classmates, etc. Use game as "Simon says" to play and use the things they learnt. Look for videos and sing with them, use other resources that can help you.

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What do we use in our school?
April 16, 2021
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