Printables About Where Fruits and Vegetables Grow for Young Students

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When students are learning about where fruits and vegetables grow it is important to discuss how not all fruits and vegetables grow the same way!

Children should be made aware of how vegetables might not grow on a plant the same ways fruits do, with some, in fact, growing underground as a root vegetable. Also, they should learn how many vegetables can be the stems or even the flowers of a plant. By using these worksheets with comic images that show fruits and vegetables growing incorrectly, students can correct the errors and explore how different foods grow different ways on plants.

Printables About Where Fruits and Vegetables Grow

These four printables all feature fruits and vegetables growing incorrectly!

Upon the first worksheet, there are carrots growing on a tree–carrots are an underground root vegetable!

On the second worksheet, the watermelons are growing off of a plant just like leaves–watermelons grow via vines on the ground!

For the third worksheet, it has cucumbers growing in the top of a tree–cucumbers only grow off of bushes or vines!

The fourth and final worksheet shows fruits growing in the ground like root vegetables–fruits never grow this way!

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