Which Animal is the Most-Themed Worksheets

Which Animal is the Most-Themed Worksheets

Which Animal is the Most-Themed Worksheets

These worksheets ask students to determine which animals fit the criteria of being the most at something.

There are worksheets that ask, "Who is the fastest, tallest, loudest, longest, most beautiful, dangerous, heaviest, and biggest." By doing these worksheets students can learn all about the animals and why they are so large, heavy, fast, and so forth.

How the Animal Worksheets Are Done

Students need to circle the correct animal for these worksheets. For example, so that they identify how the cheetah is the fastest they circle it, or that an alligator is the most dangerous by circling it. Teachers can assist students with doing these worksheets by talking about all of the animals and why--for example--a whale is heavier than a hippo. These sheets can also be laminated and then used with dry-erase markers so that they can be marked and reused multiple times by all the students who will love doing them!

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! Click here to see more

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website

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Which Animal is the Most-Themed Worksheets
February 23, 2020
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