Wild African Animals Coloring Pages for Preschool and PreK Students

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Wild African Animals Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are great for preschool and PreK children learning about African animals.

They work fantastically for any classrooms doing a theme about going on safari in Africa or visiting the savannahs of the continent. There are printables that are in full-color to serve as an example of how to color-in the black-and-white printables. Here they are below:

Full-Color African Animals Printables

There are three sheets total with two animals on each sheet, resulting in six animals. The full-color sheets feature a rhinoceros, leopards, an antelope, an ostrich, elephants, and a pelican.

African Animals Black-and-White Pages

These are the black-and-white sheets that students can color-in after checking the full-color printables of the African animals. They can enjoy coloring the animals the correct way the full-color printables show or do their own colorful interpretations if they desire! Then, once these printables are done they will look great displayed in the classroom or at home!

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! It is just one of the gifts you will be sent after sharing a post here at TeachersMag.com with us!  Just click here to learn more.

You also can purchase these sheets at this website!

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