Winter Snowflake Art!

At Just Like Home Daycare, Inc. located in White Salmon, Washington they had a great deal of fun doing this winter snowflake art!

The kids had a great time taking tape and then painting over it with blue-tinted colors and paint-sponges to create a snowy and textured appearance. Then, once the tape was removed a clear and beautiful snowflake stood-out against the painting! It is easy to do with your class as well!

Supplies Needed for Winter Snowflake Art

To do this activity you will need…

  • A canvas
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tempera paint
  • Painting sponges

How to Make Winter Snowflake Art

Begin by laying-out the painter’s tape on the canvas so that it makes an asterisk/snowflake shape.

Set out tempera paint and paint sponges.

Begin to daub the sponges in the paint and then around the painting canvas.

Create a layered and textured effect with the paint until the canvas and tape are covered.

Wait for the paint to dry and then peel-over the painter’s tape.Your snowflake art is done!

Just Like Home Daycare, Inc.
White Salmon, WA, United States

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