Winter-Themed Toddler Bulletin Board Activity

At JAC Daycare & Preschool in Marietta, Georgia the toddler classroom had a spectacular time helping create this winter-themed bulletin board! Declaring, “Let It Snow,” this bulletin board is as cheerful to look at as it is fun to make.

Making the, “Let It Snow,” Bulletin Board

The teacher used painter’s tape to write the message and then the students were provided with tempera paint and painter’s sponges. The children spread the tempera paint all around the bulletin board and covered the entire thing with cool colors such as white and blue that perfectly fit the winter-styled vibe.

Once the paint dried they then attached little packing peanuts onto the bulletin board as well with some glue so that it looks like little pieces of snow falling around the message!

Last, the teacher removed the painter’s tape so that the message of, “Let it Snow,” was displayed clearly and looked great surrounded by all the kid’s artwork!

JAC Daycare & Preschool
Marietta, GA, United States

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Author: /Madison Wilson

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