Work with grain and plasticine

Sigita Lo
Work with grain and plasticine

This work is for children with developmental disabilities. This work requires different types of grain, plasticine and a jar lid. From the beginning, the student should be introduced to the grains, allowed to feel them by hand. Pour the grains into a large bowl so that the pupil can put his hands completely in the grains. Before that, it is mandatory to disinfect your hands so that the grain stays clean for a long time so that other children can continue to work with them. You should first find out if you are allergic to any of the grains. During work, care must be taken to ensure that the child does not put grain in the nose, ears or mouth. Once the student is familiar with the grain, you can continue to dress with plasticine. the student can choose the color to fill in the cap. Then, when the lid is filled with plasticine, grains are pressed into it. The pattern may be different for each child, but one pattern can also be made to follow. This work well develops the small muscles of the hands, which are often poorly developed for children with special needs. Over time, the child can be given this finished work to remove the grain from the plasticine. It also works well on the finger muscles, helps promote concentration.

Work with grain and plasticine
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Work with grain and plasticine
January 18, 2021
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