Working in the farm!

Teacher Annie
Working in the farm!

Working in the farm!


Today I want to throw up an activity that I had the opportunity to carry out some time ago and which I and the children really enjoyed.

In order to carry it out you will need.

Large cardboard boxes


Shaving cream

A glove

A few days before the activity I dedicated myself to drawing and painting a cow in one of the boxes and a sheep in another box. For the cow spots invite the children to paint their hands black and create the spots in the drawing. On the back of the cow's udders, stick a glove which is filled with white paint and water to simulate milk.

On the 1st day of the activity, I read a story about the farm as usual. Then I invited the children to order the cow which they enjoyed very much.

On the 2nd day of the activity we began by reading another story and I placed the sheep drawn in the shaving cream box simulating its wool. Invite the children to shear the sheep using their hands, they really enjoyed it.


Always carry the activity under the supervision of an adult.

Use child-safe shaving cream and instruct them not to ingest it or get it in their eyes.

Talk with the children about the process of ordering a cow and shearing a sheep.

Enjoy the activity.

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Working in the farm!
September 12, 2021
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