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Working With Map in an English Lesson (Prepositions)

Working With Map in an English Lesson (Prepositions)

I am an English teacher. I am from Uzbekistan. I work at school as an English teacher for 5 years. I teach pupils from 1 class to 4 class. I send you some information about how learn pupils working with maps. At first we know some preposition. For example: next to, across, go straight away, turn, on the left, on the right, opposite, in front of, pass, garden traffic light, hotel, bus station, subway station, park, restaurant, crosswalk, above, below, behind, bank, movie theater, museum, square, shopping mall and so on. I learned this theme my 4 th class pupils. I draw the map on the board and give pupils some instruction. Pupils need to find place which is given instruction.

Working With Map in an English Lesson (Prepositions)

Some instruction.

1. Start at the subway station. Turn right. Turn left at the traffic light. It is on the left. Where are you?

2. Start at the restaurant. Turn right. Turn left. It is on the right, across from the hotel. Where are you?

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Working With Map in an English Lesson (Prepositions)
December 18, 2022
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