Worksheets Themed for Thanksgiving

Worksheets Themed for Thanksgiving

Worksheets Themed for Thanksgiving

These worksheets are all themed for the holiday of Thanksgiving. They are great fun to do on the days before Thanksgiving or even on Thanksgiving day while waiting for the turkey to cook!

Food Matching Worksheet

Color-in the food items that appear on both worksheets

For this worksheet, you need to color-in the food items that are repeated on both the left and right sides of the worksheet.

Picture-Based Math

Cut out the pictures at the bottom of the sheet and stick them in the appropriate places.

This worksheet has you cutting and pasting images where they go to correctly answer the picture-based math.

Spelling cornucopia

Find and color all the letters from the word cornucopia

For this worksheet, you need to color-in all the words that spell cornucopia.

Path-finding worksheet

Use arrows to reach the finish line

Use arrows to make a path from the start to the finish. Arrows can be right, left, up, down, and go diagonally. The images you need to lay the path are on the right side of the sheet.

Turkey numbers

Write the correct number in the square, a hint is at the bottom of the page for which number to write.

To do this worksheet, you need to write in the correct number within the square. The bottom of the worksheet holds a clue of the number to write.

Numbers and words

Print and cut the pieces to make a puzzle. Connect the puzzle from 1 to 10 to see the message written below the numbers.

For this worksheet, the pages are cut into strips and then put in numerical order to make a message with the letters at the bottom!

How to download and print worksheets

You can download these worksheets without having to pay anything simply by adding a post of your own with photos of the activities you did with your children. For more details on kinds of posts to add, click here.

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Worksheets Themed for Thanksgiving
November 23, 2020
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