Writing Celebration

Writing Celebration

We had a writing celebration on story telling and ended it with a candle lit snack and shared our stories. We have been discussing how it is important when we talk with a partner we look them in the eye so they know that we are listening to them. They had such a great time. The students took turns sharing their stories. The kids had been writing for over a week. They had to pick their favorite one and edit it by adding detail, labels, setting, and people or animals. Then they colored. This celebration was our way of ending the unit. We will move to how to next. They loved the celebration. I got electric candles and put them in the center of the table, clear chinet plates, clear cups, mini cupcakes, and white cheddar cheese puffs, and juice. They thought it was fancy, the kids asked me if they were suppose to throw the plates away. LOL. It was fun to celebrate the end of the unit this way and I explained to them that we celebrate when we work hard on something!

Writing Celebration

I also made this chart to go with positional words if this could help someone. We read Inside, Outside, Upside Down for the words on, off, in and out.

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Writing Celebration
October 18, 2021
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