Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft for Preschoolers

.Evelyn Harris
Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft for Preschoolers

Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft for Preschoolers

Spring is asserting itself more and more with each passing day. The sun is shining brighter and the days are getting longer. Everyone is eagerly anticipating this time of year. Soon, the first migratory birds will arrive. To develop the spatial environment in our classroom, we made birds out of yarn and cardboard with the children for the nature center.

Cut little slits, about an inch apart, all along the bottom of the birds body.

For the project, we needed sturdy cardboard, colorful woolen yarn, and double-sided tape. Using a pre-cut cardboard template, the kids wrapped the yarn to create the texture of bird feathers. They had to work carefully to avoid creating large clumps of yarn in one area and evenly distribute it over the entire surface.

This yarn wrapped craft is bright and beautiful and perfect for strengthening fine motor muscles.

Next, they used the double-sided tape to attach the wings, eyes, and beak onto the bird. Our spring bird is now ready and can be displayed in a natural corner, adding beauty and joy to the classroom. It's so satisfying to decorate the classroom interior together with friends, contributing to the creation of something beautiful!

The Yarn Wrapped Bird is Complete.

Photo source: Maam

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Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft for Preschoolers
April 1, 2023
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