Year-Round Tree Craft

Year-Round Tree Craft

Year-Round Tree Craft

At Muffinville Preschool, they did a creative craft that spotlit the four seasons--Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. They did this craft by splitting a painting of a tree into four sections/canvases that were all painted to represent the separate seasons but could be placed together to form one unified and gorgeous image.

Four seasons of fun

Everyone had a great time helping make a tree that represented the four seasons. The Winter tree was cold and covered in snow, the Spring tree was in bloom, the Summer tree was a bright and powerful green, and the Fall tree was colorful as its leaves changed colors. It was a fun art activity and a stellar way to learn about the four different seasons on our planet Earth!

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Muffinville Preschool

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Year-Round Tree Craft
October 21, 2020
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