Yellow Day celebrations

Riddhi Doshi
Yellow Day celebrations

we as educators introduces each and every concept through different ways to make our children thorough with the concepts.even numbers and alphabets also we introduce through story for every alphabets and numbers. we celebrated yellow day and i prepared whole story for intoducing colour yellow in different ways and children really enjoyed it a lot. we did some DIY crafts related to theme also. we also did sorting fun of red colored and yellow colored objects and bubble wrap painting for pineapple. Yellow giraffe who wants to eat everything that is yellow in color. we also introduced red, blue color to preschoolers through different stories and they really likes it. some science experiments also we do to make them understand rainbow colors like walking water. No fire cooking adlso to evlop their fine motorr skills and cognitive skills.clay play for fine motor skills.

Yellow Day celebrations
September 18, 2020
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