Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

The concept of Market Explorer was introduced to the children in a live environment.

We moved the learning from a controlled environment to a live environment for the children to experience the nuances involved in a purchase and sale.

The day was called “ I Discover Young Entrepreneurs”. Parents and people from the locality were invited.

The vegetables and fruits they had learnt were the products they had to sell. They were taught about weightage and cash transaction.

Each child was allocated a space and a had a faculty to assist them.

The children did a wonderful job, they implemented what was taught in the classroom. They enquired what the parent wanted, how much they needed and how much they had to pay for the purchase.

The parents were happy to know that the children were getting the right exposure as they could see their children confidently making a sale.

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Young Entrepreneurs
August 4, 2021
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