Zebra Print Artwork Activity for Preschoolers

Zebra Print Artwork Activity

At Saint John’s Catholic Preschool in Wirral, United Kingdom they learned about the animal known as the Zebra.

The school talked about how Zebras have stripes all over their body that help them blend-in with the savvanah. After learning about Zebras the students made their own Zebra print-themed artwork. The studnets took pieces of paper and black paint which they then spread around the paper in gorgeous stripes that looked just like Zebras! The Zebra print artwork was very impressive to look at and your class can easily do it too.

Materials Needed for the Zebra Print Artwork Activity

To do this activity you simply need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • brushes
  • Black paint (can be oil, tempera, or whatever works best)

How to do the Zebra Print Artwork Activity

Teach the students about how Zebras have stripes all along their body and discuss how the class is going to maket their own Zebra prints.Have students use their paintbrushes and the black paint to make stripes upon their paper.Try to help students make their stripes look as much like a Zebra-style print as possible.Let the paint dry and proudly display your Zebra print artwork!

Saint John’s Catholic Preschool
Wirral, United Kingdom

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