Zoo-Themed Classroom Decorations

Zoo-Themed Classroom Decorations

Zoo-Themed Classroom Decorations

At CrossPoint Children's Center, they did zoo-themed classroom decorations and it was so much fun to see the fantastic decor!

Paper plate monkeys

The kiddos made monkeys out of paper plates and hung them on some trees. It looked lovely!


The zoo had some giraffes too!

Cotton Ball Sheep

Students made sheep with cotton balls and showed them off at the, "Zoo."

Chameleon Wall Decor

There was some wall decor with a chameleon!

A big elephant!

No zoo is complete without a fabulous elephant!

A snake!

There was a big snake for everyone to admire atop the classroom!


The zoo had some sloths too for everyone to admire! It was such a fun classroom zoo!

Source for photos: CrossPoint Children's Center

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Zoo-Themed Classroom Decorations
September 25, 2021
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