Alphabet Cookie Letter and Math Zoom Challenge

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Alphabet Cookie Letter and Math Zoom Challenge

This activity can be done over Zoom with children and challenges them to work on their letter and number skills.

You just need them to get a bag of Alphabet cookies or some kind of snack that has the items in the shape of letters. Then, you ask them to do various challenges!

This is a great way to keep children involved and learning while doing remote teaching via Zoom. Here are some challenges you can have them do below.

Finding Multiples

Have them work on their counting skills by finding different multiples of letters. You could say, "Find two cookies with the letter A," and then wait while they use their letter recognition skills and counting to add-up two cookies that have that letter. Then you could say, "Find three cookies with the letter B," and so forth. If you request a multiple of a letter that there are not enough cookies of, then they can tell you that too and you can tell them how they did a great job noticing that!

Counting-Up the Alphabet

Instruct the children to put a number of alphabet cookies in order (A, B, C, D, and so forth). Then, ask them to count the letters to find the 3rd letter of the alphabet (C, or any other letter you want them to count-up and locate.

Counting Letters in Words

Ask the children to take the different letters and make multiple words out of them. Once they have made a word, have them count how many letters are in that word. For example, if they make the word, "Fish," they will count there are four letters. Then, you can ask them to spell a word with one more letter (five) or one less letter (three). This encourages them to think about how many letters are in different words!

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Alphabet Cookie Letter and Math Zoom Challenge
April 10, 2020
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