Zoom Color-By-Numbers Activity for Young Children

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One fun activity a group of children can do over Zoom is filling-out a color-by-numbers sheet. Everyone can have their own unique sheet or all do the same one and see who finishes it first.

Doing a color-by-numbers sheet as a group over Zoom helps encourage socialization while working on number and color recognition, plus it is just fun to have friends present when doing it!

How to do a Color-By-Numbers Activity Over Zoom

To do a color-by-numbers activity over Zoom you will need to do the following:

Before getting on Zoom email/message all the children their color-by-numbers sheets. They can all have different ones or all do the same one.Once the children have printed-out their color-by-numbers sheets and have their crayons/colored pencils/markers everyone can sit together and begin doing their color-by-numbers sheet. People can talk while they are coloring too. Use prompts like, “What is everyone’s favorite color?” or, “How much does everyone have done?” to encourage discussion.Once all the children have finished coloring in their sheets they can show them off to all the other kids on Zoom!

Free Printable Color by Number Coloring Page

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