Zoom Daily Themes

Beth Henderson
Zoom Daily Themes

Mystery Bag Monday - (guess what's in the bag) In this game the teacher will give clues about what item is in the bag and the children will have to guess. For example - Letter of the Week is A. in the bag there is an apple. I might say it starts with the letter a, it grows on trees, and you can eat it.

Think About it Tuesday - (social emotional topics) I will be using 2nd Step as the focus of these games and giving the children various situations to discuss.

Which Way Wednesday - (directionality) Using an arrow and other visual cues, I will have the children follow cues to move their body.

Hide the Thing Thursday (speech) We will send home a cut out of an item from the weeks theme, such as an apple and ask that a grown up hide the item somewhere in the room. The child will then tell the group where the item was found.

5 Things Friday - (grouping/labeling) We will give a theme, such as we are going on a trip to the zoo. Find 5 things you want to take with you.

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Zoom Daily Themes
September 16, 2020
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