Zoom Fruit Discussion Activity With Kids

At the University of Delaware Laboratory Preschool, they engaged in distance learning over Zoom! They talked about their favorite fruits and learned about how Chimpanzees in Africa find, wash, and then eat fruit just like humans!

How to Do a Zoom Fruit Discussion

To do the Zoom fruit discussion follow these steps:

  1. Before starting the Zoom session ask the child to pick their favorite fruit as they will share about it over Zoom.
  2. Have everyone log onto Zoom.
  3. Have each child take a turn showing-off their favorite fruit and talking about why they love it.
  4. Talk about how other animals eat fruits too, such as Chimpanzees which also wash their fruit before they eat it–as humans do as well!
  5. Conclude the Zoom meeting and tell everyone they can eat their fruits!

Source for Photos: University of Delaware Laboratory Preschool

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