ZOOM Scavenger Hunt

Have fun with your students while doing a zoom chat & doing a scavenger hunt.

“I did a Zoom scavenger hunt with my students one night. It was a Blast! They went around their house to find different items and came back to their computer/iPad to share with me and their peers.” ‎T. Hanson‎

Scavenger Hunt List for Kids

Find Something that ..

  1. Is Blue
  2. Has 4 sides
  3. Is Round
  4. Is longer than a pencil
  5. Is shorter than а toothbrush
  6. Has numbers on it
  7. Has the letter B on it
  8. Smells good
  9. Is smaller than you
  10. Is smooth
  11. Starts with the first letter in your name
  12. Is heavier than your shoe

“A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants seek to gather or complete all items on the list, usually without purchasing them. Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate”. Wikipedia

To print these pictures simply click on each desired picture and then print it once it loads at its full-size!


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