Preschool Themes

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Preschool Themes For Your Class

Below is an assortment of themes for your preschool that you can use to help plan-out your year’s activities!





  • Dental Health Theme. All of these posts cover the subject of dental health and having good hygiene for our teeth. There is everything from classroom activities to worksheets!
  • . These preschool dinosaur activities will add some dino-themed fun to your classroom while you discuss paleontological facts, such as which dinosaurs ate meat and which only ate plants. Includes a free printable activity download!
  • Doctor Theme (Ambulance)
  • Dot Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Election Day
  • This is a theme that involves having your preschool study one of Eric Carle’s illustrated books. All you have to do is grab an Eric Carle book which you love and you can spend weeks making exciting activities and content themed around the book/books!


  • Fall Theme. Preschool and kindergarten theme ideas for Fall! + Leaves Activity + Pumpkin Theme
  • Farm Theme. All of these posts are related to a farm theme. Farms are great places full of animals, equipment, barns, and things like hay.
  • Five Senses Theme. Our five senses are a big part of our day-to-day lives and can be very exciting for a preschool to discuss. Whether learning about tasting, touching, smelling, hearing, or feeling/touching it turns our everyday sensations into something extra-fun!
  • (Food Activities)
  • . If you want a theme that is a lot more than simply apples( as discussed above) why not discuss the a wide-range of fruits and vegetables? It is exciting to discuss what makes each of them different, how they are grown, why they taste different, and the reasons they are good for our bodies.



  • Halloween Theme. Halloween is known for at times being a bit scary, however it also be very sweet and full of fun! Holidays are perfect for preschools to have a special themed week loaded with fun and learning. Check-out our ghosts which is very cute and sure to be quite the crowd-pleaser!
  • Hibernation Theme 




  • Lemon Theme. Summer is known for being full of fun. It has pools, beaches,exciting trips, and in addition a bunch of ice-cold lemonade. This name-recognition activity with a pool noodle works perfectly with the lemon theme and can be used when the school-year is ending or also used if kids are attending preschool during the Summertime months.




  • Ocean Theme – One great addition to your school curriculum that is quite fun is a discussion of the ocean and all its creatures. You can engage in sensory play, work with shells or sea stars in a sensory bin themed for the ocean, and do even more!
  • Olympic Theme
  • Owl Theme
  • Opposites



  • Recycling Theme (Same as Earth Day) – Recycle, reuse, reduce. Recycling has become an important part of most of our daily lives here on planet earth.
  • Recycled Crafts – Crafts and Classroom Activities Using Recycled Materials. With our amazing collection recycled projects, you’ll find hundreds of uses for toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, paper plates!





  • Wild Animals Theme  – When it comes to discussing an animal countless kinds exist to choose from! You can talk about a particular animal’s movements, its habitats, size, or read one of countless books starring the animals of your choice!
  • Weather Theme
  • Winter Theme – Whether you’re looking for winter animals, snowmen, snowflakes, or want to just explore snow, here are some fabulous resources for planning your preschool winter theme activities, crafts and printables.