Preschool Themes

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Preschool Themes For Your Class

Below is an assortment of themes for your preschool that you can use to help plan-out your year’s activities!

Apple Theme

Whether you are doing taste tests, making art inspired by apples, or picking them, there is so much that can be done with apples. Doing this activity is perfect for the Fall (apple-picking season) and we have a bunch of related preschool activities for you.

Ocean, Fish, and Beach Theme

One great addition to your school curriculum that is quite fun is a discussion of the ocean and all its creatures. You can engage in sensory play, work with shells or sea stars in a sensory bin themed for the ocean, and do even more!

Camping Theme

Camping is so fun–you can set-up a tent, tell stories in the dark with flashlights, and make s’mores! Turning your classroom or play-area into a campground and using our camping-themed lesson plans can turn a normal room into an exciting night in nature!

Five Senses Theme

Our five senses are a big part of our day-to-day lives and can be very exciting for a preschool to discuss. Whether learning about tasting, touching, smelling, hearing, or feeling/touching it turns our everyday sensations into something extra-fun!

Eric Carle Theme

This is a theme that involves having your preschool study one of Eric Carle’s illustrated books. All you have to do is grab an Eric Carle book which you love and you can spend weeks making exciting activities and content themed around the book/books!

Farm Theme

This theme is often a favorite of preschool classes! Farms are stellar for doing sensory-related activities in addition to learning about animals. These animals can also serve as a great way to move-into discussing math (such as how people sometimes, “Count sheep,” for example) too! You can grab an entire farm-themed lesson plan on our website.

Farm Theme »

Ice Cream Theme

Almost all kids these days adore ice cream and think of it as a particularly yummy treat, so it is quite the, “Sweet idea,” to use ice cream as a theme with your preschool class! You can, “Eat up,” some tasty ideas with our assortment of ice cream-related programs as well as this ice cream-themed lesson plan.

Ice Cream Theme »

Animal Theme

When it comes to discussing an animal countless kinds exist to choose from! You can talk about a particular animal’s movements, its habitats, size, or read one of countless books starring the animals of your choice! You can listen to exotic animals sounds and even make a craft about one. Simply starting with your class’s favorite animal and going from there can be fun for preschoolers! You can get a copy of our animal lesson plans right here.

Wild Animal Theme

Nocturnal Animals Theme

There are all kinds of nocturnal animals (the kind that stay-up all night and sleep all day). From bats and hedgehogs to owl and certain kinds of cats there are many to talk about. This is fun theme for your preschool that will allow your class to learn a lot about these fascinating late-light creatures.

Nocturnal Animals Theme »

Fall Theme

Anytime the season changes it becomes a wonderful chance to it make it a theme for your lesson plan at your preschool. One perfect example of this idea is Fall, with it being an opportunity to talk about everything from the cooler weather to leaves changing color. Exciting crafts can be found as it is seasons with an abundant number of fun projects!

Fall Theme

Halloween Theme

Halloween is known for at times being a bit scary, however it also be very sweet and full of fun! Holidays are perfect for preschools to have a special themed week loaded with fun and learning. Check-out our ghosts which is very cute and sure to be quite the crowd-pleaser!

Halloween Theme

Fruits and Vegetables Theme

If you want a theme that is a lot more than simply apples( as discussed above) why not discuss the a wide-range of fruits and vegetables? It is exciting to discuss what makes each of them different, how they are grown, why they taste different, and the reasons they are good for our bodies.

Fruits and Vegetables Theme

Lemon Theme

Summer is known for being full of fun. It has pools, beaches,exciting trips, and in addition a bunch of ice-cold lemonade. This name-recognition activity with a pool noodle works perfectly with the lemon theme and can be used when the school-year is ending or also used if kids are attending preschool during the Summertime months.

Lemon Theme »

Pumpkins Theme

When it is Fall that also means it is Halloween-time and that is an especially fun holiday for all kinds of fun activities to be held about! You know what is a big part of both Fall and Halloween? Pumpkins! They are a fun shape that can be incorporated into many different activities and it is especially fun when the time comes to discuss the pumpkin itself! Whether reading pumpkin-related books, doing pumpkin-themed crafts, art projects with pumpkins or even more choices there is a number of pumpkin-related guides that will help you start doing your own fun Pumpkin-themed activities!

Pumpkin Theme

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