Christmas Crafts and Activities

Grinch Tree and Dress Me Up Play Invitation

Last Monday we built a traditional Christmas tree using cedar leaves and loose parts ( see post entitled Christmas Tree Building Play Invitation Using Nature and Loose Parts). The kids loved the activity and since the cedar leaves we used still look fresh and are holding up so we thought of extending the activity to two more days by building non traditional Christmas trees– Grinch Tree and Dress Me Up.
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Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin

Prelude to Christmas theme this week! And for our sensory bin exploration,  we dyed pasta noodles using Christmas colors red and green with drops of peppermint extract. The kids loved scooping them from one cup to another and even sorting the colors out. 

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Bear Craft Templates

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These bear craft templates are a great activity for young students! They get to cut all the pieces out and then assemble them to look correct before proceeding to glue everything together! There are two fun templates below featuring the bear!

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Snowman and Snowwoman Paper Craft

Snowman and Snowwoman Paper Craft

Everyone loves to look-up to the sky and search the cloud for signs of snow. With that in mind, in the first grade class at Gladys Wood Elementary, in Anchorage, Alaska they did this beautiful art project where they made snowpeople (snowmen and snowwomen). As you can see in the pictures of the craft, the snowpeople are looking-up to the sky!

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