Loose parts play

Grinch Tree and Dress Me Up Play Invitation

Last Monday we built a traditional Christmas tree using cedar leaves and loose parts ( see post entitled Christmas Tree Building Play Invitation Using Nature and Loose Parts). The kids loved the activity and since the cedar leaves we used still look fresh and are holding up so we thought of extending the activity to two more days by building non traditional Christmas trees– Grinch Tree and Dress Me Up.
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Celebration of Fall

We have been loving our celebration of this autumn season. Leaves galore. I have been slowly adding loose parts into our work time. My classroom is a mix of many philosophies. Also, I enjoy offering the children many different ways to build a child’s skills.  For some children, I am introducing new skills, such as cutting with a scissors, for the first time. When one of our little guys learned to cut, he giggled every time he cut his leaf. Pure joy and a great feeling for a teacher.

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