15 Apple Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

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15 Apple Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

15 Apple Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Apples are a wonderful fruit and very fun to learn about!

Whether learning about the parts of an apple, talking about how they start with the letter A, or discussing the famous apple-planter Johnny Appleseed, preschool students are sure to love all 15 of these crafts that were very popular at Brighten Academy Preschool in Clovis, California.

Worm in an Apple

This craft involves students coloring an apple whatever color they like and then gluing a big green worm onto the apple so it looks like it is sticking-out!

Parts of An Apple

For this activity you have students make an x-ray view of their own apples out of construction paper and then label each of the parts!

Apple painting

This activity also has students take a plain white apple, but instead of using crayons to color it they can paint it and enjoy a thoughtful quote in the middle!

A-Shaped Apples

The word, "Apple," starts with the letter A and this craft takes that into account by having stu

Johnny Appleseed Craft

For this activity students make their own Johnny Appleseed out of construction paper, pipe cleaners (for his hair, and markers to draw his face.

Tissue Paper Apple Tree

This craft involves having students glue various shades of green tissue paper onto a construction paper tree to make a beautiful tree full of green leaves--then they add construction paper apples at the end!

Apple Cores

This craft involves students making an apple that has been eaten down to its core out of construction paper and markers!

Apple Baskets

To do this craft students make little apples of construction paper and then put them in a basket (via gluing them) also made from construction paper. Then, all the apple baskets can be hung-up for the class to admire!

Paper Plate Apples

To do this activity students paint a paper plate whatever color of apple they like best--red, green, or yellow, and then glue on some extra parts like a brown stem and green leaves.

Apple Tree Handprints

Students first cover their hand in brown paint and then put it on a piece of paper. This makes the tree trunk (and their fingers the branches) that is then used to hold the apples of their very own hand-based apple tree!

Painting With Apples

For this activity students do not paint apples, they literally use apples to paint! Have your preschoolers take an apple with a Popsicle stick inserted inside and dip it in paint. Then spread the paint-covered apple on their sheet of paper. They can brag they made their beautiful creation with an apple as their, "Paintbrush!"

Finger-Painting an Apple

To do this craft students use their fingerprints to paint the interior of an apple whatever color they like!

Apple Turnover Baking

What is better than eating real-life apples? Have students assist you in making apple turnovers (for the steps safe for kids) and then everyone can share the delicious treat when it is done in the oven!

Apples Names

This simple activity has students cut-out their own construction paper apple and write them name on it--a great activity to practice spelling!

Silly Face Apples

This activity has students take a construction paper apple and give it a silly face using construction paper, markers, and googly eyes!

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15 Apple Craft Ideas for Preschoolers
October 1, 2019
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