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Origami Dogs For kinder kids
This dogs are pretty easy for preschoolers! You just need square paper, markers and wiggly eyes! Make sure the paper is a perfect square, other wise it won't work. You may use different colors of paper and...
Adriana Jimenez October 1, 2020

Getting started
We made it through our first week of homeschool and we all survived. It has helped so much having a space set up and a schedule to stick to. We started with doing the morning board where we sang the ABC song, did the...
Julianna Mortensen October 1, 2020

Drawing and Painting Fairy Tales
At Ardith's Daycare & Preschool the children spent the week listening to various fairy tales. Then they did activities where they drew and painted them! Picking their favorite part of the stories The...
thenewestrant September 30, 2020

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching With Paper Apples
At Mzz Mary's House Daycare, they created a fun way to learn how to match uppercase and lowercase letters. They made pieces of paper apples with different colors, laminated them, and cut them in half with uppercase...
thenewestrant September 30, 2020

T is for tractor
For our PreK # class, weve cut out large green T's and small black T's to create a tractor. Along with circles. This helps with reinforcing the letter and shapes. While putting together the tractor the children will...
holly wnuk September 30, 2020

Follow The Arrow for Visual Exercise
Hi friends! I am Hanizah from Malaysia. Nice to see you all here with great sharing. I really get excited and inspired with you all. This is my 1st post here. I want to share simple activity for visual scanning...
siti hanizah abdul aziz September 30, 2020

Firefighters Dramatic Play!
October is Fire Safety awareness. Children love to learn all about what firefighters do . Miss Vicki’s Daycare set up their own Fire station . There are costumes to put on , a fire station tent , fire trucks...
Victoria Snyder September 30, 2020

Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones
At Curious Kids Preschool, they engaged in a collaborative art activity with their two-year-old class. The idea was to focus on the process as opposed to the final art product, encouraging collaboration and...
thenewestrant September 30, 2020

Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom
At San Francisco Pacific Academy they did a very fun art activity over Zoom! The kids made pixel drawings as a group on the video call. It was a stellar way to develop motor skills and everyone's concentration as...
thenewestrant September 30, 2020

Elmer 20 Frame Teach kids numbers to 20 in a fun way
When I made a set of cards and spend time and money putting them on cardstock or laminating them, I want them to serve more than one purpose. Ten frames ( and twenty and five frames) have so many uses in the...
Carika September 29, 2020

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