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Loaves and fish craft

Alexis Diaz
Loaves and fish craft

Loaves and fish craft

Todays lesson was about the boy who gave his loaves of bread and fish to Jesus. Jesus multiplied and was able to feed 5,000.

We used a wooden little box to be the basket where the fish and loaves were held. Next we printed out a little Jesus picture for the kids to remember who we are talking about. We used candy fish and oyster crackers to provide a live presentation of the food. Just like the 5,000 got to eat they were also able to.

For the game portion of class we had a toy fishing pole and magnetic fish. This fish were inside a pool of sorts. They had fun trying to get the fish from the bottom. We also put the slide show around the room so they could see what portion of the story we were talking about.

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Loaves and fish craft
April 17, 2024
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