Fun and Easy Preschool Fish Craft

Emma Johnson
Fun and Easy Preschool Fish Craft

If you want a fish craft for your preschoolers that is a simple as it is fun, this is perfect for your class!

Milestones Pre-K Learning Center in Riverside, California did it with their students and the students had a fantastic time. Your preschoolers can do it too by following some simple steps!

How to Make Your Own Fish

1. You will need scissors, glue, white construction paper, pipe cleaners, and then a bunch of sheets of construction paper that are the color of your choice. Also, you can stickers and markers for some final decorations at the end if wanted.

2. Have students cut their fish's head and tail out of the colorful construction paper and cut a long strip out of the white paper.

3. Students now need to glue the fish's head to one end of white strip of paper and the tail to the end of the strip of paper.

4. Now the preschoolers can glue as many pipe cleaners as they want on the white strip of paper to make their fish's body.

5. If you have markers and stickers students can stick those on the fish's head and tail too if they want to add an extra personal touch to their fishes.

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Fun and Easy Preschool Fish Craft
August 31, 2019
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